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Combs for hair of the bride - Ideal to decorate your wedding hairstyle. Our combs are available in different colors (ivory or white) and are available in different sizes.

Wedding Dress > Hair comb

Hairstyle Accessory Headpiece for Bridal 20015 Silver Plated Hair comb 20015 Accessoire Coiffure Mariée Emmerling

Bridal Hairstyle Accessory Emmerling 20016 Hair comb 20016 Accessoire Cheveux Mariée Emmerling

Hair Accessory Bridal Hairstyle Accessory Emmerling 20022 Black Ivory Hair comb 20022 Noir - Ivoire Emmerling

Hair Accessory Hair Style Bridal Emmerling Accessory 20049 Hair comb 20049 Peigne pour les Cheveux de la Mariée Emmerling

Hair Accessory Emmerling Hair Style Accessory Bridal Wedding Hair Style 20066 Hair comb 20066 Coiffure Mariée Emmerling

Hair Accessory Headpiece White or Ivory 20081 Hair comb 20081 Blanc ou Ivoire Emmerling

Wedding Hairstyle Accessory Headpiece Silver Plated 20128 Hair comb 20128 Accessoire Coiffure pour la Mariée Emmerling

Bridal Hair Accessory Emmerling 7667 Hair comb 7667 Coiffure Mariage Emmerling

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