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Morelle Marriage offers a range of carrier alliances - Ring Holders for your wedding. Our RingHolders exist in different colors like white or ivory cappuccino to be awarded with your Wedding Roba.

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Ring Cushion Ivory Emmerling 39037 Ring holders 39037 Emmerling

Ivory Ring Cushion Emmerling 39039 Ring holders 39039 ivoire Emmerling

Ring Cushion Emmerling 39042 Ring holders 39042 ivoire Emmerling

Bridal Ring Cushion Emmerling 39043 Ring holders 39043 Emmerling

Boxe Ring Cushion Ivory 483 Ring holders 483 Boite Porte Alliances Mariage Emmerling

Porte Alliance Angelica Ring holders Angelica Crinoligne

Porte Alliance Lagon Ring holders Lagon Crinoligne

Ringholders - PA 01 Ring holders PA 01 Dejean

Ringholders - PA 12 Ring holders PA 12 Dejean

Ringholders - PA 3138 Ring holders PA 3138 Dejean

Ringholders - PA 3304 Ring holders PA 3304 Dejean

Ringholders - PA 6374 Ring holders PA 6374 Dejean

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